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Monday, July 14, 2008

Ollie and Quentin at the News & Observer

Ollie and Quentin begins a test run in the News & Observer, Raleigh NC today and runs until August 9th so if you're from that area and you're enjoying the strip please let them know by going to their comics forum at forums.triangle.com or emailing them directly at comics@newsobserver.com

Read the full story here.


uncle q said...

I will be happy to see this strip gone.
I would envision a character named Quentin to be either dashing, brave and gallant--a rescuer of the unfortunate, or a profoundly qualified athlete who always wins.
A lugworm is actually a polychaete annelid worm of the genus Arenicola, a lowly marine form with bristles down each side--not the smooth teardrop as presented. I am dismayed and resentful at this strip.
Quentin C. Haning
3807 Laurel Hills Rd
Raleigh, NC 27612

Piers Baker said...

Beautifully written Quentin.
It may not be of any consolation but Quentin the Lugworm is named after my younger brother Quentin who happens to be dashing, brave, gallant, a rescuer of the unfortunate and an elite athlete having recently completed 4 stages of the Tour de France and run a sub 3 hour marathon. He also happens to be fabulously wealthy.
I had to get my own back somehow.