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Monday, August 11, 2008

A real-life Quentin comments

I received this from a real life 'Quentin' in Raleigh NC and thought it was an amusing piece of tongue-in-cheek writing. Then I saw his almost identical comment on the News and Observer Website and realized he's being serious! OMG! I didn't think it possible to be "dismayed and resentful" at a comic strip.

I will be happy to see this strip gone.
I would envision a character named Quentin to be either dashing, brave and gallant--a rescuer of the unfortunate, or a profoundly qualified athlete who always wins.
A lugworm is actually a polychaete annelid worm of the genus Arenicola, a lowly marine form with bristles down each side--not the smooth teardrop as presented. I am dismayed and resentful at this strip.
Quentin C. H (name and address supplied)


hungrydog said...

I bet the dashing and athletic Quentin Blake and Quentin Crisp wouldn't be amused either...

I, however, am very!

Janine Pineo said...

Sadly, everything seems to be offensive to someone somewhere at sometime, no matter the intent.

Poor Quentin. He is brave and gallant: He wants to know how to fly, he pines for his love Rosie, he dreams of being a superhero.

I suppose you could portray him as some sort of ignorant, Neolithic creature. I mean, comic strips are all about reality, aren't they? I'm sure that would be less offensive.

By the way, you can use my name anyday.

Piers Baker said...

Thanks guys!

Janine, I get through a lot of names in my feature so I'll take you up on that offer.