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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rants and Raves by RC Harvey

RC Harvey has written a short piece on 'Ollie and Quentin'. He's been fairly kind although there are aspects of my feature that he doesn't like.
He describes my strip as "Pastis-ische" which I'd never considered before. In my defence I hadn't even heard of the fantastic Pearls Before Swine till 2006 which is a good 5 or more years after I started my strip. He finds the simplicity of my drawing boring which is a shame but purely a matter of taste. I'd like to draw like Richard Thompson of Cul De Sac fame but I'm stuck with my own style which I'm very happy with. I hope that the simplicity makes for easy reading. In the words of the great Mort Walker I like readers to have "read the strip before they realize it". I do try to avoid lazy headshot strips and add more backgrounds than most. Where possible I do try to change the 'camera position' too.
However I do thank him for taking the time to study and write about my feature. Any publicity is very welcome.
Click here to have a read of his piece.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm impressed... you have a critic. It means you're being noticed. Thankfully he wasn't a very critical critic. I for one like the consistency of your drawing style, and the suprising twists of your writing style. I guess that means you have both a critic and a fan. Congratulations! Matt Underwood

Piers Baker said...

Thanks Matt. You're right, I was beginning to wonder if anyone had noticed my feature so I'm delighted it's being talked about.

hungrydog said...
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"Not superior but not altogether ordinary either."

He really liked it but didn't want to gush...critics do that so they don't sound soft. *smile*

I like your art work just the way it is.

Piers Baker said...

Thanks Elizabeth, you're very kind. I'm fine with everything RCH said. As I mentioned I'm delighted he took the time to read O&Q properly.

Hi Alex, how's the head? Take a look at RC Harvey's website. www.rcharvey.com Some of his own work is there. Maybe you could do a piece about his cartoons?

hungrydog said...

Okay... I'm recovered now. If you get 9 out of 10 good reviews, it's the 1 in 10 that gets to you...