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Thursday, December 11, 2008

The trouble with detailed roughs...

I do very detailed pencil roughs to make the inking stage easier but if my editor at Kings doesn't approve the joke then I've wasted a good couple of hours, probably more in this case. I'm pleased with this drawing and I like this joke but my editor feels it isn't right yet. I'm always happy to work on something I have my own doubts about but I find rewriting jokes I'm happy with very difficult. However, too much effort has gone into this for it to be forgotten so I may just use the first few frames for a completely different joke.

Just as a matter of interest I'd like to know if you get it.


Rose Croke said...

Piers, I very much like the strip. If it helps, I'd like to make a recommendation. I suggest moving the last panel to where the "Oh man, what is it now?" panel is located and repositioning the "Oh, man" panel as the closing panel. The joke can be Quentin saying, "That little party trick of yours just cost me five reincarnated lives, Ollie!"

Rose said...

I get the joke and find the level of detail in each panel to be nothing short of extraordinary. Well done!