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Friday, March 06, 2009

Up to date

I started syndication with a large bank of completed strips (probably 5-6 months worth) which gave me the luxury of not having to produce at least 7 a week in my first year. Up till now I've probably been doing 5-6 a week. Now that time is over. My sundays are bang up to date and I'm only a week ahead with completed daily strips (and 2-3 weeks of approved roughs). Thing is, I prefer it this way. I seem to work well under pressure. My writing has improved and I think I'm now producing some of my best work so far. I'm enjoying it all much more too. In the early months there was some fear surrounding syndication, I was running scared a bit, now I'm much more relaxed despite the deadlines snapping at my heels. It was good having that bank of completed work to begin with because it's given me the time to grow into the demands of this wonderful, wonderful job.


hungrydog said...

Oh good - I remember you talking about worrying about catching up. I enjoy being closer to publication, as I usually think that my better work is my more recent stuff too.

Good stuff.

Janine Pineo said...

Yikes! But good for you.

I, too, after all these years in the newspaper biz, find that a little deadline pressure does wonders for the brain.

Piers Baker said...

It's amazing what a bit of panic and fear will do.