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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Space Hopper

Here in the UK Space Hoppers are funny looking orange things that look like this pencil rough. Trouble is they don't have these in the US so I had to change it to the rather dull hopper in the color final. Wish I'd just scrapped the joke.


Dave said...

Hi, I'm space hopper crazy at the moment so naturally I loved the cartoon. They call them Hippity Hops in the US and they don't look right to me with only the one handle! :-)

Would it be possible for me to use your cartoon on one of my sites? It's not a problem if you don't want to but I'd like to add it to this page:
if possible? Of course I'll put in a link back to your site. Thanks. Dave.

Administrator said...

Fine by me Dave, just don't say I said so.

BTW I couldn't see the website link, it's just blank. Can you email it to me?



Dave said...

Piers, that's great, thank you. I'll drop you an email tomorrow with the links (as I'm just about to hit the hay) Thanks again. Dave.