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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reuben Award For Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year

Congratulations to Dan Piraro, Stephan Pastis and Richard Thompson on their nominations for the Reuben Award For Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year. The above comics illustrate why.


J. Lemon said...

Are you going to make a prediction? Personally I think they all deserve it.... Bizarro for sheer consistency, Pearls for being heads up the funniest strip around and Cul de Sac for unparalleled brilliance. I think Pastis will get it, Piraro deserves it and Thompson is a certainty but not this year (apparently he's not even an NCS member!).

Piers Baker said...

That puts me on the spot... thanks Jonathan!

Guess what? I agree.

Stephan Pastis is definitely our industry's 'top dog' despite young Richard Thompson coming in and stealing the show somewhat. Dan is very consisitent (which is such a boring word it sounds like an insult). His 'hit rate' is exceptional so logically should win it. Thing is, logic counts for nothing in comicland.