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Friday, June 18, 2010

Tall Tale Features

A huge surprise and honor. I'm talking to Tom Racine ("The Voice") of Tall Tale Radio and one of my favorite cartoonists Jonathan Lemon of 'Rabbits Against Magic' Fame tomorrow. I will, of course, make a complete idiot of myself as I hate talking on the phone, make little sense and have a habit of saying stuff I really don't mean. I'm a Skype virgin too so plenty to go wrong. I'm a big fan of Tall Tale Features and Tom Racine's interview style and I'm told he will make things nice and easy for me. I hope so otherwise this episode with a relative nobody from the UK might forever be known as the Car Crash Radio Episode. What worries me most is, listening to his other interviews I realize how knowledgeable US cartoonists are about their subject. Brought up on a diet of about 3 different strips I know very little about comics and the history of comics. I know of very few cartoonists and, come to think of it, have no real idea about the lives of seagulls and lugworms either. Fasten your seat belts.

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