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Friday, February 11, 2011

Who was I writing about?

My cousin Tim is a VP at Sony and always gives me a music cd compilation whenever I see him. The last one had a track from 'The National' on it who are now my band of the moment. The track I was referring to was 'Bloodbuzz Ohio'. The lead singer has the most amazing deep voice. Another great track is the beautiful 'Start a War'. Someone's put the music to clips from the movie 'The Notebook' which is quite nice, especially as that first video is so... well... you decide. Another good'un worth a listen is 'Fake Empire'. See what you think. Oh, and that's my daughter's ipod nano.

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Liquidark said...

this is awesome and new for me Piers!!! not only do you write the est comics ever, you have excellent taste in music!!!