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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Reaction to the end of O&Q...

The reaction I've had from fans to the 'ending' of Ollie and Quentin has been overwhelming. I had no idea my comic was this popular. The sales figures certainly didn't suggest this and few people contacted me during my run. People have said some really lovely things and I hope they won't mind if I post a selection of them here. They make me feel a bit better about the comic:
"Wait a minute! This isn't part of some kind of joke? I've come to really like this comic - it isn't over is it?"
"I literally don't know anyone who has read O&Q who hasn't enjoyed it immensely.  The fact that newspapers don't pick it up is hardly telling of the strip's quality!... This is a terrible loss to the comics world.  Absolutely terrible."

"Sad, sad, sad.  Keep your name out there, please, so we in the U.S. can follow whatever's next.  Thanks for all of the stellar work!"

"I was so sad to read that your comic strip will be coming to an end soon.  This has been my favorite comic since Calvin and Hobbes." 

"That IS sad! :(  O&Q is one of my absolute favorites of all-time."

"I'm going to miss this strip and some of the most awesome art work I've seen."

"Thank you for having brought Ollie and Quentin to our lives. As a former F-15 pilot and now flying the lumbering B777 across the pond, I have a great fondness for your comic."

"Ollie and Quentin quickly became my favorite comic, pretty much from the first time I  read it. I am sorry more Americans did not share my love of your strip. I do hope you know that your work was (and is still) appreciated by some of us. I wanted to say thank you for all the enjoyment you have given me."

"I personally think Ollie and Quentin was one of the best strips out there and think your artwork is far superior to a lot of syndicated cartoonists that have been doing it for hundreds of years."

"Hi, I am a Brazilian fan of yours. I discovered Ollie and Quentin through an app in my mobile and I have to tell you that your comics is one of the most interesting I read everyday… And it is with an immense sadness that I hear that I will not be able to “meet” Ollie and Quentin everyday and I regret that it happens because people couldn’t see how wonderful your comics is… I know that it might seem insignificant, an opinion from one guy from a place so far, but I really wanted you to know that it was amazing the time I shared with Ollie and Quentin and I am thankful for all the laughters you and your creations provoked on me."


hungrydog said...

Great to see the general public agreed with your editor and fellow cartoonists like me.

It's a shame newspaper editors didn't get it. The fools!

Joshua Rose said...

Hi there, I've only just started following your blog a couple months ago. I happened across it and I absolutely loved it. It inspired me to start my own comic strip and try to get it published in my university newspaper. I do enjoy O&Q quite a bit.
Thanks for the Inspiration

Mike C Mpls said...

I never understood why the Star tribune in Mpls MN dropped O & Q. I instantly searched you out on the web. The humor is dead on. Long live the lugworm!