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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Stupid

Back to that comic poll in The North West Florida Daily News. Since they updated the sample strips the comments have gone from ok to awful. Reading some of the other strip comments I have realised that it tends to be people with something negative to say who make the effort to comment. Human nature, I guess. When I saw the updated choices I was a bit worried as they aren't that good. I guess it's the same for all of us. In fact I think Pooch Cafe fares worst because the choices are taken from a series so probably don't make much sense to new readers. This is a shame because the strip is fantastic. Here are some of the O&Q comments which made me laugh... a bit.

The Good:

"Kinda cute, in a penial kinda way..."
"A duck (goose?) with an attitude and a lugworm sidekick - what's not to like? "
"this is funny, I like the little bean looking thing,"

The Bad:

"Talking birds and animals are NOT funny."
"Is this strip suppesed to be stupid? or is it just dumb? It sure isn't funny." (Note the spelling here).
"Don't need a cartoon with an androgenous creature that looks suspiciously like a part of the male genitalia."

The Stupid:

"If we could relate this to strip to something that people or animals do, it might make sense."

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