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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Animating Stand Up v Comic Strips

This is brilliant! Animating stand up comedy really works.

It got me thinking about animating comic strips. IMHO I don't think it ever works. Whenever I see an animated comic strip it just falls flat for me. I think our art is to make the reader work a little for the punchline. We set them off and there are a few pointers along the way but they should do the rest. They should fill in the movement, the voices, the timing, they have to 'get' the joke themselves not let someone else do the work for them. Animation is a whole different ball game and an art of its own. Of course you can take the characters of a great strip and turn it into a great tv or movie animation (I'm looking forward to seeing the Pooch Cafe animation) but, for me, animating individual jokes just isn't as funny.

PS. I hope the creators of the fantastic strips that are being animated at the moment don't take this as a criticism of their strips. Their work is the best out there and deserves any extra effort and attention given to it. It just doesn't work for me:)

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