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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Talking Photoshop

Apple N.

I've noticed I'm speaking, well, 'thinking' in a different language when coloring my cartoon strip on computer. Having scanned my hand drawn artwork I then put everything together in Photoshop. The whole time I'm thinking Photoshop Keyboard shortcuts. As a Mac user I call the command button Apple ('cos of the apple on it) so I'm thinking things like: Apple O, E, Z, L, Clear, Apple Shift S, Z, Option Drag, Apple D, Space Bar etc etc, you get the picture. I guess all computer users are doing this but it's only just dawning on me quite how much of the day I'm just thinking in these, often, single letters. And who hasn't thought Apple Z (undo) when making a mistake in the "real" world?

Apple S, Apple Q.

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