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Monday, June 22, 2009


Every week I speak to my clever editor at King Features to go through the roughs I've sent him for approval. Most go through without change, a couple may need a slight amendment but every now and again one might be rejected. This is fine, there's usually a good reason not to run the odd one. However we couldn't agree on this strip. My editor didn't want to go with it, not for reasons of taste (as I feared) but because he was worried readers might not get it. I disagreed so we've decided to run with it. To me it's all very obvious what's going on here. C'mon, did anyone NOT get this?


Anonymous said...

I take it Quentin was eating everything but it took me too long to get it, unfortunately, and the joke lost it's oomph.

Piers Baker said...

Oh dear. Maybe my editor was right.

No, the joke is simply that the word 'Stick' changes to reflect the increasing size of the insect the more he eats. So 'Stick' becomes 'Log' then 'Tree' then 'Forest' and finally back to 'Stick' after he throws it all up behind the sofa.


Got it put only on the second read.

Anonymous said...

Piers, I read it that way as well but it seemed funnier to me in the end if it was Quentin trying to pin it on the insect. Either way, I failed you. Sorry!

Piers Baker said...


hungrydog said...

I got it, but was surprised he let you get a cartoon about throwing up through!