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Friday, June 05, 2009

Strip Order

"How do you decide which order to put your strips in?"

Of course I try to make every strip fantastic but, in reality, there'll always be stronger and weaker ones in every weekly batch.

I always put my favorite on a Wednesday. I'm only guessing here but I think the middle of the week might have the highest readership figures. A strong Wednesday may also make up for less strong Monday and Tuesday strips and help carry you over any less strong Thursday and Friday ones.
Second best goes on a Monday. Start the week with a laugh and maybe they'll read you for the rest of that week.
Friday is where any slightly controversial strips go. Readers have the whole weekend in which to get over any disgruntlement.
Saturday must be child friendly because that's when kids are more likely to pick up the paper.
That leaves Tuesday and Thursday for the others.
Sunday obviously has to be the larger Sunday strip although I've just learned that in Canada they use those on a Saturday!

That's how I decide anyway.

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