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Friday, August 07, 2009

"Where do you get your ideas?" #632

Ok, this is a pretty lame strip and I bet you can guess where the idea came from. I write in coffee shops and enjoy the noise of life going on around me. I even pick up good comic strip topics from overheard conversations which is always a bonus. One thing I do have to endure, though, is screaming kids. I've had two of my own so I'm not really complaining but there are times when you think the child really needs to leave 'cos it's been screaming the place down for half an hour. Some parents eh?

While I'm on the subject, the results are in:

Best Americano Coffee... Costa (although it does keep me awake till 2am)
Best Decaff Americano... Cafe Nero
Worst Decaff Americano... Starbucks (I have never tasted anything so foul. I honestly thought they must have scooped a mug of dishwater out of the sink).


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