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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Who let the dogs out?

I was interested to see how this joke would work for my Swedish readers so I put "Staten och Kapitalet" into my translator program and it came up as "State and Capital"!? I hope that worked in Swedish 'cos it sounds very odd to me.


sebastian said...

hehe, "staten och kapitalet" is a classical swedish punksong from the punkband Ebba Grön that almost every Swede know of.

Piers Baker said...

Excellent! Thanks Sebastian, sounds like it might have worked. Good to know the translator thought about it.

JonasO said...

What do you want?
"Staten och Kapitalet" is a politic song (Goverment and economi is more correct i think)
The song you used in english is more of a "stupid/fun" song.