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Ollie & Quentin Book
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Monday, November 09, 2009

Our House

This is my lovely house. We've lived here for 18 years. Today we exchanged contracts so our gorgeous home is now sold. Teresa immediately burst into tears. Now I am frantically sorting, packing, ebaying, dumping and moving our stuff as well as doing my comic strip. The next few weeks are going to be crazy.


silvia said...

What a lovely house! I would cry too if I had sold it. Good luck moving!!

Piers Baker said...

Thanks Silvia, that's very sweet of you.

Michael Jantze said...

Always a hard thing moving. And it sounds like you raised your daughter there. Even worse. Good luck with the move.

Piers Baker said...

Thanks Michael, yes we moved here when my daughter was 8 weeks old and my son only 3 years old so it will be hard. That said, a home is made by the people in it so I'm looking forward to our next chapter.