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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Say hello to your neighbors

My mother heard a loud crash near her house. A car crash obviously. It wasn't till the next day when she went outside did she realize it was her car that had been smashed. An idiot (drunk) has rammed into the side of it totally destroying it. The creep then drove off. A neighbor saw this happen and leapt into his car to give chase. He caught the jerk up and managed to get his license plate. He called the police who arrested the moron. My mom didn't find this out till the next day. When I said what a good neighbor this guy is she said she'd never even said hello to him because she "didn't like the look of him". How wrong can you be? She feels awful and is going to pay him a visit with a big box of chocs.

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silvia said...

I guess life just keeps teaching you lessons no matter how old you are. Good for your mom and hurray for her neighbor!