Ollie & Quentin Book

Ollie & Quentin Book
125 pages in full colour!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


My editor asked me to change Ollie's arms in the last frame as he was worried that readers might think he's pushed the snowball into his own face. I agreed that it was a bit confusing and to have his hands by his sides would be better. Trouble is, I'd already sent it off so it was too late. Darn, that'll always bug me now!


silvia said...

I think it looks ok! It made me laugh (as usual). Happy holidays from Barcelona!!


Merry Christmas. Thanks for the laughs.

Piers Baker said...

Thanks for your support and Merry Christmas to you too!

John Hambrock said...

Knowing the characters like I and so many other readers do, O&Q's actions are very clear.

Happy New Year, Piers!

Piers Baker said...

Cheers John and a Happy New Year to you too!