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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bizarro was 25!

Dan Piraro's "Bizarro" was 25 years old last week. 25!?! As someone who's been doing this a mere two years I've got to take my hat off to Dan. 25 years is an amazing achievement. Three years ago my editor introduced me to Dan's work, not only as an example of high quality writing but also for the incredible drawings and beautiful color work. I had no idea he'd been doing this for over 20 years at that stage because he never seems to cut corners and throw out the odd 'lazy' strip. Each panel is beautifully crafted, expertly shaded and he even has time to drop in those funny little icons readers can hunt for every day. The Sunday comics are works of art.

After my launch in 2008 Dan very kindly dropped me an email with some encouraging words for which I am very grateful. A nice touch from someone who must have very little spare time on his hands.

Here's to the next 25, Dan.

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