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Friday, March 19, 2010


Today's comic reflects my opinion on so many movies these days. They tend to look fabulous and the acting is fine but they are so often let down by a poor story, a plot full of loopholes and lame dialogue. They come across as "Movies By Committee" too. I can almost hear some idiot executive around the table saying:

"Hey, let's put an alien in somewhere."
"But it's a romantic comedy, Brian."
"I know, but everyone loves aliens, ET made lots of money. Let's make the star a divorced, washed up cop with a drink problem and a daughter that hates him."
"The star's a college kid, Brian."
"She'll love him by the end of the movie."
"Ok, let's add Brian's ideas. Anyone else?"

My biggest gripe, however, is WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BE SO LONG? It's not that I have a short attention span but what happened to good editing? I'd happily pay to see a great hour and a half movie rather than sit through a poor three hour one. Quite often that boring three hour movie might make a great hour and a half one. Less is more, leave it on the cutting room floor. Hey, that rhymed.

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Ryan said...

I agree with everything in this blog post, good strip indeed -RC