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Sunday, April 11, 2010

One Fine Sunday in the Funny Pages

John Reid, the publisher of the excellent "Stay Tooned" has had a great idea. He's curating a comic strip exhibit to travel through five major southern cities in the coming two years. He has over 100 comic strip cartoonists contributing their original artwork for today's Sunday comic (April 11th 2010). Alongside the framed original art of the strips will be displayed the actual comics section from the newspapers across the country, giving visitors a behind-the-scenes, before-and-after experience. The first showing will begin in late May/ early June 2010. For a list of contributing cartoonists please click here. Here's mine...

I like the above comic strip idea but think the image in the final frame is a bit weak. You can see my original pencil had a pink fairy drawing but we worried this might be seen as being a bit... well, gay? My final one is a bit... well, lame?
Anyone out there who fancies having a go at a better punchline graphic please download the last version and feel free to have a go at drawing something better. Remember Ollie should be in the same pose as panel three.

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