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Ollie & Quentin Book
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Friday, May 07, 2010


It looks like I have something against banjos but I really don't. They're just an easy target for which I apologize. I like folk music and one of my favorite bands at the moment is the fantastic Mumford and Sons. Check 'em out.


Anne Hambrock said...


John has his great grandfather's tenor banjo and even plays it occasionally. He also has a mandolin that needs restringing. I seem to recall at least two other syndicated cartoonists mentioning somewhere (maybe Tall Tale Radio) that they also play banjo. And an unnamed syndicate editor of our acquaintance is rumored to have one as well. I'd love to take a poll and see how many cartoonists play banjo - or any instrument for that matter.

I'm trying to convince John to take his to the Reubens so he can jam with some people but I'm not having much luck :-)

BTW, my comment verification word is "hurging". That sounds like a comic strip word to me - feel free to use it!

Piers Baker said...

I love those comment verification words. It's a whole new language.
PLEASE convince John to take his banjo and I'll work on Brendan.