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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Carry On Sergeant

We moved to our lovely house last november. It's part of a converted army barracks and I discovered today that it was used in the very first Carry On Movie "Carry On Sergeant" made in 1958. That's before I was born. I think that's hilariously fantastic!
If you watch this YouTube clip that's my house on the end in the opening shot. The parade ground has gone and it now has a pretty front garden. There's a door in the left hand window too.


Sandra said...

That's pretty cool, Piers!

Mike Lynch said...

Wow! Now this is GREAT! So cool! Doesn't it make you want to march up and down your street?

My Google Word Verification to post this was: actor

Really! Actor!!

Piers Baker said...


Actor?! That's spooky.