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Friday, March 11, 2011

Can you help?

Regulars to this blog will know I was involved in a plane crash when I was 18. Our EgyptAir Boeing 737 crashed on landing at Luxor Airport in 1982 causing the plane to spin off the end of the runway and catch fire. I was sat by the emergency exit so pulled the door off, shouted "Get out here!" and sprinted barefoot down the wing into the hot desert sand. If anyone out there was involved in this accident can they please get in touch as I can find very little information online and am beginning to think I dreamt the whole thing.

It was late August or early September 1982 (I think... maybe 1981). We were flying from Aswan in the South of Egypt to Luxor. There were about 40 of us on board, some Italians if I remember and a number of Japanese tourists. I remember them especially as they stood at the bottom of the emergency chutes taking photos while the engines burnt furiously under the plane! I got no photos as I left my bag on board in my haste to escape. It was the right thing to do but I really wish I had a photo to show people.

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