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Friday, July 15, 2011

What? Pardon?

My lovely old dad can really make me laugh. For months he has been almost completely deaf in one ear and driving everyone mad by shouting "What?" to everything, even if you're not talking to him. We were starting to think he should get a hearing aid. My mum dragged him to an little old Chinese lady next door who had a look to see if she could work out what was wrong. After a couple of minutes examination she asked if my dad listened to headphones at all. He said he often listened to the radio with headphones on when trying to get to sleep. She poked about and (hold on to your lunch) pulled out the rubber end of a headphone piece which had been lodged in there for months.

He has asked that no-one mentions this so please keep it to yourself.


G. Jonz said...

LOL! That story about your dad made my jaw drop! He must've been SO relieved after that!

Piers Baker said...

Relieved and embarrassed. Gave the rest of us a good laugh though.