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Friday, October 17, 2008

Norman Hale

Today is my old school headmaster's funeral. I shall be attending the service afterwards followed by a reception back at the school along with my brothers and no doubt, hundreds of other pupils, ex pupils, parents and friends. Norman Hale was owner of Milbourne Lodge School until 2007 and was Headmaster from 1948 to 1999, Britain’s longest-serving Head. I was there from 1971-76.
It's very difficult to write about Norman because he was such a one off. I have never met anyone more charismatic or loud! I remember him charging around the school in his shorts and deck shoes with his faithful old dog 'Wagger' trailing in his wake. We liked him as much as we were afraid of him with his booming voice echoing through the building. Those fortunate enough to have known him will never forget him. A great man and a great headmaster.


Poetikat said...

Dear Cartoonist,

What a lovely tribute to a man who obviously had a part in the making of you. I'm sure he would be pleased at your words. ("Wagger" - great name for a dog, too.)

I have installed your widget on my blog. (I'm #28 to your #25, currently). I love your work and hope you will do me the courtesy of checking out this poem which may be of particular interest to you as a seagull-fan. Around here, we are fans as well.


I would be even more pleased should you decide to post my widget on your blog, or perhaps just the link.

Yours sincerely,


Piers Baker said...

Kat, that is hilarious! What great poem. I love the video clip too. I must find it and put in on this blog if you don't mind. I'll add a link to your blog.
Thanks for getting in touch and I'm delighted you're enjoying O&Q.

Poetikat said...

(I realized that was name shortly after I posted the first comment.)

I thought you'd like that! I would be delighted if you'd put me on your blogroll. Have you looked at Google's "following" feature?

I had a wander around your site and love the "Alien Autopsy" cartoons as well. Here's another one of my poems that fits the bill (sort of) - http://hyggedigter.blogspot.com/2007/11/who-dunnit.html

I can do a mini-feature on you on my blog sometime soon and draw attention to the widget in my sidebar, if you'd like. I think your talent is right up there with Gary Larson and Pizarro.


Poetikat said...

Ha ha ha! Of course I meant Piraro, not Pizarro. (It's the cold meds.)

Kat (not really a stalker)

Piers Baker said...

Larson and Piraro? I wish.

I'd be honored if you wrote about my feature on your blog. I've added your details to my links list.

HaHa, 'Autopsy Turvy'...love it!


Poetikat said...

Thanks, Piers.

I have a new, quiet poem about Autumn that I've just posted, so give me a few days and I'll do something on you then.

Here's another poem you may find good for a laugh:


Have a good day!