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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ollie and Quentin NOT at the News and Observer

I really believe in my strip. I am very pleased with my work, as is my editor at Kings, but in trials 'Ollie and Quentin' is failing to connect with readers in the USA. Feedback from areas where my strip is running full time is overwhelmingly positive so I know that once it's in place 'Ollie and Quentin' goes down well, it's just getting there that's proving difficult. Ollie and Quentin isn't a 'cool' strip so it's going to take time to get a foothold. One day, I believe, it will.


Cius said...

Here in Italy, you have some fans that love and read your work. Ollie and Quentin is a funny strip. Here you can find a review of your comic strip on the blog Balloons that I've written some months ago: http://blogcomicstrip.blogspot.com/2008/01/ollie-and-quentin-di-piers-baker.html

Piers Baker said...

Wow Cius that's great! You've really cheered me up. Thanks so much. How do you know about Ollie and Quentin?

My sister is married to an Italian* restaurant owner called Giovanni and I have a half Italian nephew and niece. Soon I will introduce two unhatched eggs into my strip who are based on them. I think they will appear in early December.

*All restaurants in my strip are called "Giovanni's".

All the best to you and Italy!


Cius said...

I've found Ollie and Quentin in a web research on internet. And after ten minutes I've loved them. In the next five minutes I've decided to wrote an article for Balloons.
I'm glad to know you have some contacts with Italy. Maybe one day your strips could be translated and printed here in some magazine (not daily newspaper because our editors don't understand the relevance of this art...sigh). I hope it will be possible in future. For now, I keep reading your strips and at the first opportunity, of course, I'll write again about you and your work!
All the best to you!

hungrydog said...

Mate! You are an excellent draftsman, an original writer and O and Q are great characters, so don't give up! I think that doing a friendly (ie. not caustic) strip means you have to be patient. It's only been a year, if that...

Piers Baker said...

Thanks Alex. I hope I didn't imply I was thinking off chucking it all in. There is NO chance of that. I spent a good 8-10 years working towards syndication. I'm prepared to give it just as much time now I'm there.