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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another Comic Poll

I see that The Northwest Florida Daily News is asking readers to choose new comics from a list of 11 features, 'Ollie and Quentin' included. O&Q are up against most of my favorite strips so I don't stand a chance but at least I'm being considered and any publicity is welcome. If you live in Florida and fancy voting please click here.

I tried not to read the comments but have to share this one with you:

"....a cartoon with an androgenous creature that looks suspiciously like a part of the male genitalia."

My thanks to to person who responded with:

"To the poster who remarked about male genitalia - your comment shows far more about your psyche than about the comic."

Finally, no one is clear that Ollie is a Seagull. Who can blame them, he looks nothing like one! Duck and Goose are the most common guesses. I have addressed this in the above cartoon.


richardcthompson said...

At least the poster didn't say he looks like a little twinkle...

And last I looked you're doing a lot better than I am on that poll, Piers, but I'm not gonna go looking there again.

Piers Baker said...

Ha Ha Ha, you're too kind Richard. I wonder how long a cartoonist has to be syndicated for before they completely stop reading anything about themselves and their strip. For me I'm nearly 2 months in and almost there. I'm at that 'squinting through one eye' stage when I come across an Ollie and Quentin reference.