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Monday, February 11, 2008

Boxgrove School, Guildford

I spent today at Boxgrove School in Guildford. The children are aged 8-12. I did a short cartoon presentation in their assembly followed by some drawing classes for 3 groups of 20 ten year old children. We doodled for 5 minutes trying to create characters for a comic strip. The next half hour the kids put their characters into a strip. The results were fantastic. Ten year olds have so much imagination and creativity. Some produced 3 strips in half an hour! Wish I could be that quick.

I'd have loved a cartoonist coming to my school when I was young. I come from an era where art was frowned upon. In fact I was made to do Geography instead which I loathed and unsurprisingly failed at. I'm happy to report my schools now actively encourage art of all kind so maybe I was just born 20 years too early.


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Piers Baker said...

Thanks 'Guildford'.
Guildford Eye looks great. Good work.